Adversity causes pain, but it can be a catalyst for change.


Life is filled with adversity. We can be crushed by it, we can become hard and bitter, or we can make the

best of it and learn from it. Adversity is a great teacher.


Winston Churchill once said, ‘I have derived continued benefit from criticism at all periods of my life’.


Adversity can create advantages if we face it with the right mindset. Unfortunately, many choose to hide

during times of adversity. They build walls, close their eyes, run away or take medication – anything to

avoid dealing with the reality of the situation.


When we rise to the challenge of adversity, it helps us to know ourselves. It tests our strength, our tenacity,

our creativity, and our focus.


If we respond negatively to adverse circumstances we will be enslaved by them. If we respond positively or

wisely, our circumstances will serve us.


Adversity opens doors to new opportunities. Any significant change or downturn in business is an

opportunity for new business. Are we taking advantage of the opportunities? Interest rates are down – that

brings opportunities. Business needs are different today – that provides a wealth of opportunities. Are we

making the most of them? Or are we letting adversity get us down?


Everyone has adversity at some time in their lives; but how we step up and deal with it is our own story. It

can be a story of hope and success. And we can be the hero of our story!


Source: Sometime you win, sometimes you learn, John C. Maxwell.