How do salespersons move from being just order-takers to sales leaders in their field?

By increasing their knowledge of business!

How can this knowledge be increased and produce results?

In today's hyper-connected world, the 'lone-salesman' is no longer effective. Salespeople need to work within their organization as a whole.

Closing new business by regularly offering heavy discounts may help reach the sales target but puts the finance department in a difficult position.

Over-promising deliveries puts undue pressure on the operations department to keep the customers happy.

Awareness of the challenges facing colleagues and working with them to offer solutions is good for the salesperson's career and great for business.

A mentor or mentors who are experts in their field will not only be a support in sales but help to broaden the outlook on every facet of business.

Learn from every experience, whether it is positive or negative. Identify failures and learn from them to make better business decisions in the future for the company and the customers.

Salespersons must read or listen to sales books and industry material to keep their eye on trends and changes in their field. They should also read books in other areas such as economics,  leadership, management and finance. To keep learning is to keep advancing!

Increasing business knowledge involves hard work, dedication and persistence but is extremely valuable for anyone in sales who is willing to put in the effort.

Source: Hubspot, Sales, 2018