When the workplace becomes increasingly under pressure, fast-paced and turbulent, the immediate reaction is to work harder and faster.

In fact, this is the time to slow down!

Make time to STOP and THINK!

How can we learn to think?

  • READ appropriate books, articles and trade magazines to get the thinking process started.
  • KEEP COMPANY WITH GOOD THINKERS who will challenge us to expand and grow in our outlook.
  • WRITE down the ideas and impressions we receive that stimulate our thinking. Refer to them often.
  • ACT on good thoughts and ideas. Think things through and then follow-through.
  • PUT TIME ASIDE daily, weekly and monthly to stop and think! Make it a priority!

By disciplining ourselves to learn to think we will exercise self-leadership and the leadership of others with greater precision, passion and persistence.

Source: How Successful People Think, John C. Maxwell; Critical Business Skills, Clinton O. Longenecker.