Change is simply a part of life, and certainly a part of business life.


Change is here to stay! If we accept that, and use it, we can gain an edge over those who don't know how to deal with it.


Most people don't like change but change should be ‘in the blood' of managers and employees.


To create the business we envision, we may have to change just about everything: our focus, our products, our attitudes and behaviours. When we accept it, we will have a more flexible and competitive organization.


Embrace change rather than fear it! In business, change doesn't have to upset things and make them worse. It is often the spark that ignites a good idea, a new business or a revolutionary new product.


Expect the unexpected, but move quickly to stay a step ahead. Often the difference between success and failure is being a jump ahead while competitors are regrouping!


Talk about change in a positive light so people don't fear it.


Speak of change as an opportunity, not a threat!


Source: See change as an opportunity, Jeffrey A. Krames