Training is fundamental. It is a crucial factor in small businesses.


But what kind of training is being offered?


For most organisations, training still means teaching technical skills or so-called 'hard' skills.


However, if people already know every aspect of the work for their role in the business, why do they need training?


The answer is simple. At some point we need to switch from a mindset based on 'This is what you need to do your job' to 'This is what you need in order to grow'.


Think of training as an opportunity to teach 'soft' skills as well as 'hard' skills.


What are 'soft' skills?


They include knowing how to communicate, how to ask customers and colleagues the right questions, how to give feedback, how to manage people, how to work in a team, how to be flexible and solve problems as they arise.


With proper training in 'soft' and 'hard' skills, employees and managers will be helped to grow professionally and will be happier and more productive.


This is 360 degree training!


Source: Cornerstone, May 2017