Workplace diversity is important. It increases the talent pool, brings new ideas, perspectives and skills.


Diversity is no longer limited to physical characteristics such as race, gender and religion. It includes differences in work style, generation and personalities.


What is the secret to making diversity work? Mutual respect!


People don't always see eye-to-eye. There are many things that colleagues might disagree about. For example, the correct order to carry out a project or the best way to solve a problem.


However, it's essential that managers and employees understand that while discussion is important, everyone must remain respectful, professional and pleasant.


Encouraging mutual respect will help to:


  • Improve communication between colleagues and team members.
  • Reduce workplace stress, conflict and problems.
  • Increase productivity, sharing of knowledge, exchange of ideas and innovation.


Additionally, the business will experience a more positive culture and an increase in employee satisfaction.


Source: Hub Highspeed Training, Katie Martinelli, January 2018.