Negative feedback, particularly if unexpected and unasked for, is not easy to take.


So how do we turn hurtful criticism from colleagues or customers into an opportunity to learn?


How can we use it to help us improve?


Think of criticism as an unpolished diamond fresh from the mine. It may appear as an unattractive rock to the inexperienced eye but its value becomes obvious after the process of cutting and polishing.


Put personal feelings aside, extract the benefits of criticism and turn them into a learning experience to:


  • Craft your message to reach those with different perspectives.
  • Better identify your target audience.
  • Deal with blind spots in your outlook.
  • Know what skills you need to improve and what new skills you need to learn.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses and appreciate the perception of others.


Remember that those who challenge us are those who make us better.


Source: Insight, Justin Bariso