Ideas have a short shelf life!


You have to keep them coming and act on them before they expire.


It's perfectly healthy to have an idea tomorrow that contradicts or challenges an idea today.


A 'fixed mindset' in certain situations prevents development and growth. It could sabotage your health and happiness for the future.


Persons with a 'growth mindset' are willing to try new ideas and learn new skills. They see failures and setbacks as an indication that they should continue developing their potential. They learn from criticism rather than ignoring it; they overcome challenges rather than avoiding them.


One good idea does not make a good life. Success comes to those who look for new ideas as if they were mining a mountain for gold. You can't live on one nugget for fifty years.


A test of a person's intelligence is not whether they have always been right, but how often they admit they were wrong.


Those who achieve their goals in life are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought was already solved, and changing their opinion by taking on new ideas, new information and new points of view.


Source:, September 2018; How successful people think, John C. Maxwell; Fixed vs Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck.