'Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers'.


Effective leaders find solutions that are clear and understandable.


They are able to take abstract and complex matters and turn them into straightforward goals and values that everyone in the organization can grasp.


Simplicity is a way of thinking. It takes discipline. 


Men and women who are great leaders consult widely, listen carefully, define clearly and act decisively. 


They achieve strength of purpose, credibility, integrity, and confidence within the organization.


How can you bring simplicity and clarity to your organization? Here are three ways:


  • Define the game clearly and expect everyone to play by it.
    Provide everyone with the tools and training necessary for them to take responsibility to act and execute the agenda.
  • Make sure the mission and message reaches every part of the organization.
  • Let overarching goals drive daily behaviour.
    Keep saying the same things every day so the principles drive everything the organization does.


Source: The Powell Principles, Oren Harari, McGraw-Hill.