When a famous American football coach first walked into the training room of a team he had just taken on, he found it full of players getting treatment for a variety of minor ailments.

'Get this straight', he barked, 'when you are really hurt you will get the best medical attention we can provide. But this has got to stop. You're going to have to live and play with small hurts if you're going to play for me. I don't want to see this again!'

And he didn't.

The team learnt a very valuable lesson. Without pain, turmoil, commotion, anxiety, stress and tension, there is no change and no growth. Everyone must pay the price!

It's the self-sacrifice during all the hours of training that equips you to hold on against all odds.

Even failure can be turned to advantage. It hurts to fall short of a goal. Let it become a stepping stone on the road to victory.

To win is worth the cost. There's a price to pay for anything that's worthwhile.

The Lombardi Rules, Vince Lombardi Jr, McGraw-Hill p. 15,16