The modern workplace almost seems designed to distract and divert us from delivering desired results!

How do we put the focus back where it belongs?

Take the initiative and make a periodic appointment with yourself to pause and think through the important factors that contribute to your success. Ask yourself:

  • What particular results am I being paid to deliver?
  • What specific activities do I need to do to achieve those results?
  • Am I currently investing my time in these activities?

The answer to these simple questions will put you back in charge of your schedule.

Once you've re-established your focus, ask yourself three more questions:

  • Do I have working relationships that will help me deliver results?
  • Is there another talent or skill I need to improve my performance?
  • Is there a barrier that is preventing me achieve my goals?

To become proficient in self-leadership you will need to establish and maintain a scoreboard, not just for the organisaton but for yourself to monitor and maintain the results you want to deliver. These could be sales, customer satisfaction or meeting a deadline on a project.

Self-leadership requires precision, passion, patience and persistence.

Source: Critical Business Skills, Dr Clinton Longenecker.