Simple strategies for the new year.
Strategic thinking helps you map out your route to success.

Plan long-term while maximizing performance in the short-term. 

Having a strategy enables you to ensure that day-to-day decisions fit in with the long-term goals of your organization.

Here are some simple strategies for New Year planning:

List the three most important objectives for your business over the next year.
These should be ‘big picture’ accomplishments that will lead to profits and future achievement.

For each objective above identify your responsibility in order to achieve it.
WHAT will you do? HOW will you do it? WHEN will you do it? WHO can help you achieve it?

Live out of your calendar, not your inbox.
Plan your day, plan your week, plan your month to do what will move you closer to your goals. Keep your calendar in front of you. Avoid distractions and stay focused on your goals.

Anticipate change rather than simply react to it.
Be ready to adapt your strategy as necessary to keep moving ahead.

Executing your strategy will involve taking some calculated risks. Remember – the biggest risks of all are stagnation and complacency.

Source: Strategies for Business New Year Planning, David Newman