Successful careers are not planned; they are managed.

And to manage them we need to put on our CEO hat. 

Managing your own life and career takes courage. We have to take calculated risks as individuals if we are going to make the most out of the potential we have been given in life.

These days we are not simply salaried employees. We are collaborators and we all need to think like a CEO.

The traditional definition of a manager or CEO is ‘somebody who has subordinates’. A better definition of a manager is ‘somebody who gets results’.

Let each of us be our own CEO. We must live the purpose, values and principles of the organization and influence the persons with whom we connect.

When people start talking about problems, say: ‘No, wait a minute. Let’s first look at the opportunities.’

Make them look forward instead of backward.

Source: The Definitive Drucker, Elizabeth Edersheim