Consumers no longer just consume. They push. They pull. And they do both with equal force and power.

What customers choose to say about you and your company comes down to their experience – how they feel at every touchpoint.

What does it mean to think ‘customer first’ and win their hearts and minds?

  • ‘Customer-first’ means making decisions based on who your customers are as human beings, not just data points.
  • It means building trust over time and sustaining amazing experiences in everything you do from marketing to customer support.
  • It means having a plan. Which executive will be responsible for customer experience?
  • Be sure everyone from top management down takes a turn to work in customer service. Allow everyone to meet and listen to the customers.

The journey to ‘customer first’ isn’t easy. It may require a shift in thinking, but it is worth the effort. It could be the thing that keeps your company around!

Source: UBT Strategy rollout 2019, Various websites