Great companies invest in developing their people.

Great people invest in developing themselves.

(Zig Ziglar)

A 'corporate culture' defines what is encouraged or discouraged, accepted or rejected in a group.

Unlike 'strategy' the culture of a business is not easily measured. However, when aligned with personal values and drive, culture can unleash tremendous amounts of energy towards a shared purpose.

Who has the responsibility for creating a positive corporate culture? The employer or the employee?

The answer is, BOTH!

A manager's appreciation of an employee who goes the extra step, stays an extra hour or does an extra task can be expressed by a simple, 'Thank you'.

On the other hand, if an employee who has received a bonus or a pay-rise, a new vehicle or even an hour off to attend a family or medical appointment, says 'Thank you' to the manager or team leader, it will have a tremendous impact.

Culture drives performance!

Source: Vision 16 Conference; Harvard Business Review January-February 2018; Ziglar online.