'There is only one boss – the customer. He can fire everybody, simply by spending his money elsewhere.' (Sam Walton, founder of Walmart)


Every touchpoint of the customer with the company must improve the customer's experience. Leaders and managers need to introduce initiatives to develop a company-wide attitude that is customer-focused. 


For these initiatives to be successful, however, every employee must ensure that his or her role contributes to the customer experience.


'Customer service' is no longer a 'department'. Everyone must be in 'customer service'.


Everyone must learn to think like the customers do and keep an open mind on different solutions to meet their needs. This is a 'customer mindset' – a view that what's best for the customer is best for the business.


Ask questions such as, 'How does the customer see this?' 'How will this affect the customer?'


Use a customer perspective as a frame of reference for all decisions.


Companies that have a customer-centric policy outperform companies that don't. They not only delight customers, they inspire employees, reward stakeholders and leave a lasting legacy for the generations to come.


Source: The Customer Culture Imperative, L.R. Brown and C.L. Brown.