How do you encourage staff to gain new skills in today's busy workplaces?


When people stop learning and adding to their CVs, they are likely to look elsewhere for opportunities.


Yet there is often little time for learning.


Here are a few tips:


  • Create a coaching culture in your workplace.
    On-the-job training by a manager or skilled staff member each day doesn't need to take long.
  • Start a 'lunch and learn' program.
    Draw on the internal talent of your organization to deliver lively training sessions during lunch-time.
  • Break up the training into small units.
    These will be more easily absorbed and remembered.
  • Don't forget to follow-up.
    Be sure those being trained reflect on what has been learned and put it into practice. Find out if more support is needed.


Source: INTHEBLACK, 13 March 2018