Corporate core values are intended to inform, instruct and inspire!

Practically every organization has a set of core values – fundamental beliefs that should be the 'operating instructions' of the day-to-day behaviours of everyone in the company.

Consider words that are commonly used: Integrity, Authentic, Customer-oriented, Dependent, Honest, Diligent, Passionate and so on.

But these words are basic concepts for any business that wants to be competitive in today's business environment.

Do they state what is distinct and unique about your company? Do they embody the spirit and personality of your organization?

Core values are not category values. For example, every fast food shop could include 'speed' and 'convenience' as values.

Employees and customers are more likely to take note of your values if they are aligned to practical things such as design, training, improved processes, shared metrics or performance standards.

And can they be measured? How well are the values being acted upon?

When your core values describe the collective attitudes and beliefs that you desire all employees to hold and turn into specific actions and decisions, then they will produce customer experiences that will define and differentiate your company.

Source: Harvard Business Review, February 2018