Building your Leadership Confidence

13 May 2016 10:22:38 AM NZST


You can make confidence a discipline. It is about finding an inner belief that you are capable of handling different situations and knowing that the world is not going to end if you make a mistake or do not produce a desired outcome.


Confidence is a state of mind that you can cultivate from various experiences. The secret is to get into the habit of confronting difficult circumstances. This will become your leadership foundation.


Having dealt with challenging situations, you will know how to fix an issue that arises, not because you are the smartest person in the room, but because you have been there before and you have learnt from it.


Wisdom comes from a collection of experiences – so start collecting them now!


No one is going to build your confidence for you because that is your job. Keep all the confidence and satisfaction you have derived from various achievements inside you and call upon these feelings when confronted with new challenges.


When you are young and inexperienced, the need to be liked by others can be all-consuming. Whereas when you seek a leadership role, you have to be very clear that leadership is about respect, not popularity.


Always separate your personal identity from your title. Young leaders can be carried away by their position and the authority that goes with it. This is a big mistake. At all times, remember who you are and stay true to yourself.


Then if your job is lost or your title removed, it is only a temporary setback. Learn from the experience, brush yourself off and get back in the game.


Source: The CEO, Alex Malley

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