The never-ending wave of technology crashing over us brings a great tide of commercial dividends ‒ and

choppy waters, too.


A survey by the prominent Business Insider news website, for instance, found that an estimated $650

billion a year was lost to US companies through time-wasting activities on smartphones and websites.


Of course, the exact figure accountable to ‘cyber-loafing’ can never be truly quantified, but the facts are

indisputable: It’s a huge threat to both productivity and security - and is a widespread, devious and

complex beast.


Responding to workplace distractions posed by internet and mobile connectivity has been a serious focus

for UBT’s software developers for more than a decade.


Throughout this period, the UBT team has ridden above the technological wave, as it changes in shape and

guise, to provide new and innovative safeguards for the community.


Streamline3 is the latest iteration of this successful ongoing project.


Pre-installed on all devices sold by UBT, Streamline3 is a suite of productivity tools aimed at empowering

companies to manage and protect all web-connected computers across their networks.


Through Streamline3 Management Portal (an online interface), IT administrators can authorise access to

web content and processes, such as apps, programs, games, webmail and social media.


The system affords the administrator great flexibility in setting access policies to block or filter harmful

content. The policies can be highly detailed or generalised. For example, they can be applied to a category

(e.g. social media, gaming, sport), to specific webpages or URLs, to a search term or even ap>ingle word

within a webpage.


The policies are powered by an adaptive algorithm – exclusive to UBT – that indexes almost every known

URL by subject-matter category. The algorithm updates continually, across all Streamline3-installed devices,

based on user-learning gained from throughout the community.


Each computer installed with Streamline3 has a unique ID, recognisable to the console. This allows an

administrator to identify individual or groups of users across the company’s network.


Streamline3 is updated remotely, without an IT admin having to check, ensuring the most current version

of its software is present on every computer.


If business efficiency is of concern to you, talk to our tech support about Streamline3 on 1300 01 01 02 (Option 2) or email [email protected]