If you are like most business managers, you are loath to talk about value systems. They are often regarded as vague abstractions.

But there is too much to lose by not getting your mission straight and by not making your values concrete. Your company will not reach its full potential if its core values are just a list of pleasant platitudes hanging on the front lobby wall.

Make them real!

If an organization is to survive and achieve success:

  • • It must have a sound set of beliefs on which it builds all its policies and actions;
  • • It must faithfully adhere to those beliefs;
  • • And to meet the challenge of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except those beliefs. 

The basic philosophy, the spirit and drive of an organization, has far more to do with its long term achievements than technicological or economic resources, organizational structure and innovation.

Don’t just leave the values on the lobby wall! Make them work!

Source: Winning, Jack Welch page 17 – 24; In Search of Excellence, Peters & Waterman page 279 - 291