‘Ask for feedback. Don’t have a 'fear of feedback' culture.


Everyone has heard of the aloof type of boss who spends all day on the top floor of his building, behind his

office door, completely unapproachable and distant from his staff.


The difference between a ‘boss’ and a ‘leader’ is that a boss says, ‘Go’. A leader says, ‘Let’s go.’


Leadership is relational as much as it is positional. (John C. Maxwell).


Creating a feedback culture is essential for effective leadership and an efficient organisation.


Having seen things from the top, it is important for a manager to look at a business from the perspective of

his employees.


What are their concerns? How do they feel about where the business is heading? Do they have the support

they require? Do they know where what they are doing fits into the whole scheme of things?


Ask them!


Regular feedback from employees and colleagues gives a new perspective on the business. It generates

healthy communication and a strong, constructive dialogue between management and staff. It helps

identify small issues before they become big problems.


Understanding employee grievances and dealing with them in time may stop a valuable employee leaving

the company.


Give employees a voice and show they are being heard. Demonstrate that their satisfaction is important to

the organisation and that management is receptive to their opinions.


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