Creativity is fuelled by courage and curiosity.


What is creative thinking?


It’s the ability to imagine or invent something new.


Launching a new product line or service or moving into a global market can be an exhilarating experience and one of the most rewarding paths to growth.


Creative thinking is essential for any organisation to prevent stagnation and keep the business moving forward. However, starting something new from within an established business is not always easy.


To give a new venture a fighting chance to succeed needs some special treatment. It requires the best people to be in charge, not just those who are the most available.


But this cannot be at the expense of the existing core business; it must be subservient to it.


Two things are needed: time management and delegation. Time must be carefully apportioned between the new and the existing business. And if a manager delegates ‘hack’ work, it releases time for him to spend on the new undertaking.


Creative time must be spent on planning for diversification: new products, new initiatives and new approaches in marketing and sales strategies.


It’s the way to keep ahead.

Source: Based on the Westfield seminar 2014.