customer culture


Does a customer culture really enhance business performance?


Yes, it does.


Customer culture is imperative. It is as fundamental to business performance as breathing is to living. It is

the life force of a business. You only have a sustainable business if it is driven by customer culture.


A customer culture is embraced by every individual, team and business unit. It is embodied in people

through orientation and induction, leadership, processes, rewards, key performance measures, a common

language and an expected way of doing things.


Customer culture is a discipline.


It embodies shared values across the entire business. A strong customer culture delivers a customer

experience that is consistently excellent along the whole service chain.


However, ‘customer culture’ is not the same as ‘customer-compelled’. A customer-compelled company

responds to any and every request for improvements, for new products and services that any and all say

they want. This is usually impractical and unprofitable and does not allow the business to focus on the

customers it can service with superior value. Every business must have a clear strategy, value proposition

and target customers whose needs are understood.


A customer culture is one in which people in a business interact with both customers and non-customers

in a way that shows they care.


The ultimate aim is to have the customers make your business the centre for everything they do for your

particular offering. Then your customers will be advocates of your business and

your products and services.


You can’t go to the ultimate unless you build the right culture – customer culture.


Source: The Customer Culture Imperative, L.R. & C.L. Brown