In any sport, or in any business, losing a game or losing a sale can be extremely hard on a team that was

expecting to win.


Players will be disillusioned; they will question themselves and wonder what went wrong – what should

they have done, how can they be sure it will never happen again?


Nevertheless, it is important to realise that a single loss is not enough to derail your dreams. Essentially,

there is much more to be learned from a loss than a win.


Learn and move on

Each challenge should be examined individually – and fast. Don’t dwell on the loss. Don’t let it become a

lasting mental block. Reinforce the positive, even while talking about the negative.


Build confidence

Help the players build confidence in themselves. Too much pressure will lower self-esteem. Let them know

they have the ability to make it work so they must believe in themselves. Think of what they need to do

rather than why they failed.


Find what works

Losing unexpectedly doesn’t mean you should throw away your game plans; this could create even bigger

problems. Focus on your team’s strengths and what has always worked for them as a team. Push them to

do what they do best.


The bigger picture

Keep your players focused on the targets you set at the beginning of the season or the beginning of the

year. Concentrate on achieving them despite minor setbacks and losses. This is the way the team will get

back on track.


After a loss, get the team together as quickly as possible in a space where they are comfortable. Don’t talk

about the specific game you lost. Talk about the journey and the season as a whole.