There is hardly anything more depressing than a cluttered desk!


A clear desk, however, is energizing and bursting with possibilities.


How can you clear your desk and keep it that way?


Think of your desk as prime real estate.

Whatever sits on it should deserve to take up the space. Only items you use on a daily basis should

be there.


Keep supplies close by.

Drawers in or near the desk keep accessories within reach but off the desk.


Think 'up'!

Put your computer monitor on a stand to make more desk space. Books and folders could be on

shelves above the desk. Whiteboards and cork boards on the wall keep notes and reminders clear

of the desk.


Create a system.

Organise your current projects in folders, label them and store them upright to take less surface



Use a stackable in-tray and out-tray.

Papers and unopened mail coming into your office need a temporary home. Make the bottom tray

the in-tray, limiting the amount of paperwork that can accumulate.


Deal with excess personal items.

Keep them in a cupboard or take them home!

Think of some other simple and useful ideas that will help you keep a clear desk all the year round!