'Give service, and you get it!'


Service is absolutely critical. When you've got a product, don't build your organization up on the

manufacturer's product name. Even if you've got a famous brand that's known world-wide – don't try and

sell on the basis that you've got that brand.


Sell on the basis that YOU are the business, whatever you sell. Everything you sell is going to be the leading

product in the world! Build the business around your own name. Develop your own brand names and

trademark them; develop a brand name and put it on a range of products.


Obviously, you can't try and 'pass off' a product, say that it's one product when in fact it's another product.


The difficulty is that so many in the world build their businesses around someone else's brand name. They

finish up being dictated to in every move in their marketing, their advertising, and their pricing. The

supplier finds out all about their customers and could turn them out of business overnight.


Whereas, if you build your business around your own expertise, and your service, and quality care for

customers, that will endure, that will last.


Source: Silver Book vol. 2, p 247