Negative experiences in the past make many prospective customers hesitate to buy because they are

afraid of making a mistake.


The antidote to this suspicion and scepticism in any sales offer is credibility.


Building trust and confidence in every interaction with customers means they will see you as a completely

believable person selling a totally trustworthy product.


How can you, as a salesperson, build credibility with your customers? Here are some tips:


Dress for success and look the part

Have a positive mental attitude

Make a planned and prepared presentation

Emphasise the value of your sales offering

Always tell the truth about your product, service and delivery times

Show letters and testimonials from satisfied customers


Credibility is an idea or feeling that can be, and must be, created in the heart and mind of the prospect. It is

the critical intangible factor that underlies all successful sales efforts.


Statistics show that 85% of sales today are based on 'word of mouth' – what other people say about your

company, the salesperson and the product or service.


Recommendation makes it easy for customers to go ahead with the purchase.


Source: Be a sales superstar, Brian Tracy