According to a Harvard research team, the people with whom you habitually associate are called your

‘reference group’. These people determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life.


You cannot take the growth journey alone if you want to reach your potential. The most significant factor in

your environment is people.


Try and spend your time with persons of integrity; persons who are positive; persons who are ahead of you

and who lift you up instead of knocking you down; persons who take the high road, never the low. And

above all, persons who themselves are growing.


What can you do to make more room for the influence of those who can stretch you?


If you change nothing else in your life for the better than that, you will increase your chances of success tenfold.

So think long and hard about the people you are spending most of your time with, for wherever they are heading, so are you!


Source: Jumpstart your Growth, John C. Maxwell