Be bold. Be unique. Think outside the box.


It's tough in business today.

Business is overcrowded.

How do we remain relevant in the business world today?

Just one idea grasped from today could make a difference to your business and career.


The art of accountability

- Supercharge your business and your performance:
- Understand your sales assets.
- Accountability
- Consistency
- Harness high performance
- Continuous improvement of the sales team


Take absolute responsibility for your activities.

Do the tough things in the sales process. This starts with you, not just the Sales Manager.


In a family business:

- Keep the distinction between work and business relationships clear. It's 'Dad' at home, 'Hugh' at work.
- Need clarity about each role in the business.
- Allocate time.
- Be firm but fair.


Tech tools to generate leads and grow your business

Make use of the latest tech tools to make your marketing stand out.


Digital enablers and disrupters

Disrupt your business model before someone else does.


Stop discounting your way through objections

Relevance is king. The AIDA principal: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Often there is a blockage between Interest and Desire. The customer says, Yes...but...'


Two ways to handle objections raised by the customer:

- Have the perfect answer (impossible to handle every objection this way).
- Have a set sales process to follow. Have an 'objection management process'.


Discounting is not the answer. You can't discount your profit away. We are in business to make a profit. Out of respect for your business, stop giving away profit.


Respond to an objection by repeating the objection and asking for more!

Prioritise the objections. Ask which is the most important to them. This gets them to think!

Handle only the main objections. What do we have to do to overcome the few?

The customer will feel respected because you listened to him.

Take a more dramatic approach to training your sales team.


What is in the box?

Consider the way selling has developed over the years.

Era 1:

Emphasis was on sales skills and presenting and closing the sale.

'Grab them by the tie and choke them till they buy'


Era 2:

Early 1970s:salespersons were to become problem solvers and consultants.


Era 3 (today):

The salesperson and the customer have a 'patient/doctor' type relationship.

This is 'outside the box' of the traditional sales model.


Strategic marketing

What do you do differently or better than your competitors that your customers care so deeply about that

they are willing to pay a premium?

Have you a good value proposition?



Q & A panel

- Make and sell something technical but not too technical.
- Don't overlook the market that is on your doorstep.
- Think ahead before every sales call, by phone or face-to-face. Think long term.
- Turn every customer complaint into gold.
- Create a culture of care about your customer. What is his favourite charity?
- Every company has to do things with a difference.


Message from an entrepreneur

Look in the mirror – you are accountable for everything that goes wrong in your business.

You have to understand your customers.

People buy from you because of WHY you do it.

What often stops people is assuming that other people are perfect. No one in business is better or worse

than you are.



- Take one thing away from today and put it into action.
- At 211°F water is hot. At 212°F it is boiling and producing steam which can drive a locomotive. The extra
- 1° makes a world of difference. Go the extra degree.
- Make your brand your culture and make your culture your brand.
- Service is more important than price.
- Don't set a precedent for discounting. Have a reason for discounting so you can go back to
- the original price.