‘The secret of our success is in our daily agenda.’

If you want to see how someone develops into a champion, look at his daily routine.


One sporting champion said, ‘If you cheated in your training in the dark of the morning, you’ll be found out under the bright lights.’ Even if a person has natural talent, he has to prepare and train to become successful.


It’s a tough road to the top. Challenge your excuses to quit training. If you get into the habit of quitting, you’ll feel like it’s OK to do it more often. Don’t reward yourself until a job is done.


It takes discipline to prioritise and to work towards a goal. And the ability to juggle three or four high priority projects at once is a must for every leader.


‘Trust is the foundation of leadership.’ Three qualities a leader must exemplify are competence, connection and character. People will tolerate honest mistakes but if you violate their trust, you will find it very difficult to regain their confidence.


‘Character communicates consistency.’ Live out your values every day. Character is strength within and you can’t earn respect without it. How do leaders earn respect? By making sound decisions, admitting their mistakes and putting what’s best for the organisation ahead of their personal agendas.


Source: Leadership 101, John C. Maxwell