How do you recover from a tough experience?

12 August 2015 11:02:00 AM NZST


14 August 2015



Why do some people and some organisations bounce back after a crisis while others buckle under the pressure?


What carries them through tough times?




Resilient people possess three defining characteristics:

They coolly accept the harsh realities facing them.
Those who made it out of the prisoner-of-war camps in Vietnam were not the optimists who said it would be over by Christmas. It was those who had a sober and down-to-earth view of what matters for survival. They had trained themselves how to survive before the crisis.

They find meaning even in terrible times.
The most successful organisations and people possess strong value systems. Strong values infuse an environment with meaning because they offer ways to interpret and shape events.

They have an uncanny ability to improvise.
Resilient people make do with whatever is at hand. Companies that survive regard improvisation as a core skill – a survivalist technique.


It’s more than education, more than experience, more than training – it’s a person’s level of resilience that will determine his or her success or failure.


The global business world today could knock anybody over. It’s those who know how to get up and get going again with renewed speed, conviction and confidence who will win.


That’s resilience.

Source: Based on Westfield Seminar 2014 and On Managing Yourself, D. Coutu.

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