‘Follow-through is the cornerstone of execution.’


Follow-through means taking action and keeping your word. Every leader who is good at executing,

follows through religiously.


It means you are doing things you have committed to do, according to the agreed timetable.

When yousay you’ll do something, be scrupulous in meeting your commitment,

whetherto a client, a supervisor, or a customer.


Top salespeople are masters at follow-through. They know that unless they follow-through and

actively market to the leads generated, they will not turn into sales.


When it comes to follow-through, something is better than nothing. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Simple, consistent follow-through and follow-up is the way to succeed.


Source: The Importance of Follow Through, Julia Felton; Execution, L.B. Bossidy & R.C. Charan