When you equip people with tools, you teach them how to do a job.


Development is different. When you develop people you help them improve as individuals. You are helping them acquire personal qualities that will benefit them in many areas of life, not just in their jobs.


When you help someone to cultivate discipline or a positive attitude, that's development.


If you teach someone to manage his time more effectively or improve his people skills, that's development.

Many leaders in business don't have a 'developmental mindset'. They expect employees to take care of developing themselves.


What they fail to realise is that developing a person always pays higher dividends than just equipping him because it helps the whole person and lifts him to a higher level.


Personal development of a young person is one of the most rewarding things a mentoring leader can do.


Developing is harder to do than equipping but it is well worth the price.


Source: Mentoring 101, John C. Maxwell