The innovative organization understands that innovation starts with an idea.


Ideas are somewhat like babies – they are born small and immature. They are promise rather than



Executives should not say, 'This is a foolish idea'. They should ask, 'What would be needed to make this

small idea into something that makes sense, that is feasible, that is an opportunity for us?'


The majority of ideas will not make sense. People with ideas should think through the work needed to turn

an idea into a product, a process, a business, or a technology.


Managers should make a list of the three best ideas that are put forward. Then make a list of the key pieces

of information that need to be learned and the major work that needs to be done before these ideas can

blossom into new business.


Now pursue the best idea. If none is practical, start again.


Source: The Daily Drucker, P.F. Drucker