Most of what we face in business and in life lies beyond our control. Life is uncertain and the future



Luck does seem to play a role for everyone – good luck and bad luck!


But if a company becomes great while another in similar circumstances and with comparable 'luck' does not,

the root cause cannot be circumstances or luck.


Greatness is not due to circumstances; greatness is first and foremost a matter of conscious choice and

discipline. The factors that determine whether or not a company becomes truly great, even in a chaotic

and uncertain world, lie largely within the hands of its people.


It's not a matter of what happens to them but a matter of what they create, what they do and how well

they do it.


Life offers no guarantees. It's always possible that game-ending events and unbendable forces – disease,

accident, brain injury, earthquake, tsunami, financial calamity, civil war or any of a thousand other possible

events – will subvert our strongest efforts. Still, we must act.


When the critical moment comes – when we're afraid, exhausted or tempted – what choice do we make?

Do we abandon our values? Do we give in? Do we accept average performance because that's what almost

everyone else accepts? Do we capitulate to the pressure of the moment?


In the end, we can only control a tiny sliver of what happens to us.


Even so, we are free to choose, and free to become great by choice.


Great by choice, Collins and Hansen.