Think of a setback as a landmark on the journey to success. Treat it as an opportunity to think and learn

and grow stronger.


A landmark isn’t necessarily the end of the road.


Some people reach a milestone and make it a tombstone! They get bored, frustrated and

depressed, and go no further.


It’s not what we have that will determine our success, it’s how we think. Call it ‘attitude’.


Why do some rise above adversity and excel under pressure while others doubt themselves and panic?

What separates them is attitude. Resilient people meet adversity head-on and bounce back from setbacks.

They seem to exude a natural inner strength.


But they are rarely born with this attitude or outlook; it develops over time.


A key part of the right kind of thinking comes from remaining positive. How do you maintain a positive mental attitude? By continually feeding positive thoughts to your mind, by reading positive books, collecting

positive quotes and listening to positive messages. Doing that will keep your mind focused on things that

will encourage you.


Maintaining a consistently positive attitude will be your greatest strength on the road to growth and success.


‘How we think when we lose determines how long it will be until we win.’ G.K. Chesterton


Source: Stronger, Everly, Strouse & McCormack; Sometimes you win - sometimes you learn, John C. Maxwell.