Learn from the eagle


How does the eagle meet the challenge of turbulent winds?


As the eagle approaches a storm front, it locks its wings into a position to allow the force of the buffeting

wind to lift it.


The strength of the storm is deflected harmlessly downwards by its magnificent wings, allowing it to soar at

tremendous speed to new and greater heights.


Rather than defeat it and drain it of all its strength in a titanic battle to stay aloft, the eagle manoeuvres

and glides about without effort except for just a mere flap of its huge wings.


The eagle uses the intensity of the storm to its own advantage, harnessing the very power sent to destroy



Eagles have their tormentors: suspicious crows, disgruntled hawks and even smaller birds. As the eagle

soars higher, it leaves behind all these distractions.


In cold climates, eagles rarely migrate like most other birds. They have the unique ability to persist and

survive the rigours of winter, the cold winds of adversity and the hardships of life.


Take a lesson from the eagle. Use problems and adversity to further your development so you become

even more successful with your life.


Source: Soaring with Eagles, principles of success. Bill Newman