Make yourself Indispensable

30 October 2015 10:02:01 AM NZDT



Good advice to new employees is to make yourself absolutely indispensable to the boss.


Not only should you feel as if you can’t do without him but give him a solid reason to feel he can’t do without you!


A lot of young fellows want to get into business on their own; but it is too early – they have no capital and very few ideas.


If young employees set themselves to be indispensable to their bosses, then their bosses will have to look after them. And even if they are not paying you well, stick it out. Learn everything you can from them.


You’ve got a job; build up your boss’s business for him. Be on time; get there before time; get there early. Devote yourself to doing the right thing by your boss. Work hard and learn everything you possibly can from the business you are in and put it into practice for your employer.


Even if you don’t get the expected opportunities where you are, an opportunity will come your way at some stage and you will be able to seize it. Then all you have learnt and all the dedication you have shown for your boss will be available to invest in your own interests.


Finally you will get a return.


Source: Silver Book vol 2 p. 139

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Erica Field