A new head of the maintenance and cleaning department of a regional hospital was appointed to ramp up

the efficiency of the team.


A lot of time, effort and money had already been spent in training the personnel.


The new leader began by focusing the team's attention on the hospital's overall mission and success.


His goal was to motivate his people to be better engaged and take ownership of the hospital's

important function – to save lives.


Each person in the team then understood their role in the bigger picture, rather than just concentrating on

their daily job of cleaning toilets, fixing doors and repairing equipment. It worked!


The quantity of work, the quality of the work and staff attendance all went up.


What can you do to create a more motivated and high-performing team in your workplace?


Begin by clarifying and communicating to your people what you stand for passionately as a leader. Create a

vision around the things that you believe in and show them how each and every one of them contributes to

that mission.


Employees will respond when they understand the 'why' behind the 'what' of the tasks they are asked to do.


Source: Critical Business Skills, Dr Clinton Longenecker.