This month’s Audio Update is presented by Athol Quinsey and Gavin Slack – make sure you schedule time to listen to this Update on the topic of Sales Engineering, covering:

  1.    1. Recognising that a sale is an outcome of a process, not just a random outcome of disconnected events
  2.    2. Identifying each step of the process and documenting it
  3.    3. Allocating the right tasks to the right people on the team and giving them the resources they need to do the task
  4.    4. Follow up – insist on the daily meetings relating to the current sales opportunities
  5.    5. Keeping track of your ratios and managing them
  6.    6. Appointing a sales coordinator to manage the whole process

This week’s Online Coaching 2014 Session 3 webinar recording is now live. To watch the recording, first login to the website, then click here. Alternatively, click on ‘Online Coaching’ under the Client Resources tab on the home page and the webinar recording can be accessed there.


The next Online Coaching webinar – Process 4 in Your Money-Making Machine – will be on Wednesday 23rd April 2014. Look out for your invite around the middle of next month!