Collecting debt is like scoring. You can have some very skillful passes from marketing to sales to warehouse and dispatch, but if your strikers – that’s your debt collectors – don’t collect the cash then you haven’t scored the goal!


So in this session Tim Ford, Craig Simpson and Stephen Joyce go through rules and processes that are highly important for you to successfully manage your cash flow.


You’ll find out:


  • Why credit control starts before the sale
  • Why it is crucial to give credit control the priority it deserves
  • The 5 rules to get you firmly in control of cash collection

As it is an integral and vital part of the business the credit control system has to happen by design, not default. After viewing this session you will be empowered to minimise bad debt and put the cash where it belongs – in your pocket.


  • Invoicing & Payment - Master Set
  • Invoicing & Payment - Audio Transcript
  • Invoicing & Payment - MP3 Audio
  • Invoicing & Payment - Cash Flow Projection Calculator
  • Invoicing & Payment - Debt Collection Reality Check
  • Invoicing & Payment - 5 Rules