In many ways, a follow-up call to a prospect is more challenging than a cold call.


Typically, it's the follow-up call that really gets the sales cycle rolling. It's here where the substantive

information is gathered and where the relationship begins to establish itself.


That's why it's vital to have superb follow-up strategies and tactics so you can make the most of the

moment. Here are some tips to making a perfect follow-up call:

1. Get commitment for the follow-up.

Perhaps the single biggest mistake sales reps make is not establishing a specific date and time for the

follow-up call at the end of their initial call. Creating a deadline is a simple but extremely powerful



2. Be remembered.

After every call to a first time prospect, send a thank you card and say you look forward to chatting

on the (insert date/time). A hand written card differentiates you and will be remembered.


3. Email a reminder and an agenda.

The day before the follow-up, send an email to the prospect to remind them of your appointment and

say that 'we'll review the next steps if any'. This takes the pressure off the prospect and he is more

likely to turn up on time.


Include an article of interest about something you discussed in the initial call.


4. Call on time.

Never ever be late with the follow-up call, not even by a minute.


5. Cut through the clutter.

Avoid clichés and after introducing yourself using your full name, get straight to the point of why you

are calling. Clients like a salesperson who is organised and doesn't waste their time.


6. Be persistent, polite and professional but not a pest.

If the client isn't there, leave a message so he knows you called on time.


Having solid follow-up strategies and tactics will give you the distinctive edge.

Make the most of your follow-up calls and watch your sales grow!


Source: Essential Tips on Follow-up calls, Jim Domanski