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There are two wars going on in the world of work today: the war of performance vs the war of politics.


Choose 'performance' and win on that ground!


Those who choose office politics only last for a short time. Often it is to mask the poor quality of their work.

They are eventually bypassed by the performers. In the long run they do not contribute to the success of

the organization.


'The high performer who is excellent in his or her field and does quality work, is above politics.' (Peter F. Drucker)


This doesn't mean politics is ignored. It just means that superior performance is the real key to promotion.


We often speak about the importance in business of investing in quality products and services. This is

equally true for you personally.


The more time and effort you invest in becoming better at what you do, the more doors will open for you

and the faster they will open.


Source: Personal Success, Brian Tracy