Plans are nothing but planning is everything

12 November 2015 3:44:45 PM NZDT

In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.
                                                                                                                        Dwight D. Eisenhower


A plan must be more than a haphazard combination of objectives, resources and strategies. It must be a road-map that will guide a leader forward to the future he is creating.


What an organisation will become depends largely on the present leader’s actions now. This is the leader’s prime task.


Planning defines where a leader wants to be and how he intends to get there. But he can’t get ‘there’ if he doesn’t know where ‘there’ is. What is needed is ‘strategic planning’.

Systematic strategic planning strengthens a manager’s judgment, leadership and vision.


A business manager must start with three questions:
• What is our business?
• What will it be?
• What should it be?


Leaders and managers must anticipate the future and attempt to balance ‘short-range’ and ‘long-range’ goals. But how long is ‘long-range’? How much time have we got?


Who expected the fall of Enron, the onset of the economic crisis in 2008, the attacks of 9/11 or the impact of the computer and the internet on business?


We can’t make entirely accurate forecasts but we can and must make useful predictions.


Strategic planning requires decisions to be made – now. It means taking risks – now. It requires action – now. It demands allocation of limited resources (particularly human resources) – now. It requires work – now.


Work means that somebody must be allocated to do the job; it involves accountability, having a deadline, systematic feedback and measuring results.


Source: Leadership, Peter F. Drucker

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