When sports teams have successful games early in the season, they build positive momentum which is difficult to stop.

The same principle applies in business.

How do you generate momentum in your business?

It’s all in the head! Call it ‘psychological momentum’.

When is the best time to make a sale? Just after you have made one!

The psychology of momentum is well known in sport. Football coaches know that a team’s performance is crucially determined by momentum. Put simply, initial success frequently leads to more success. Perceived momentum leads to increased confidence which in turn leads to more action and better performance.

In business, it is often how we perceive the actions we take as a team that leads to success. Observers are often amazed how a small team can manage a business and sign deals with  large companies. It is because of the momentum that has been fostered internally.

So how do you manage your team’s perceptions and build positive psychological momentum?

The ‘as-if’ principle

This is the simple yet enlightening belief that your emotions don’t control your behaviour; your behaviour controls your emotions.

Why do football teams dress formally before a game? Because the sense of professionalism and discipline that goes along with dressing up actually influences behaviour on the field.

The ‘as-if’ principle, when acted on, means we behave in a way that fosters a feeling of success. Challenges and obstacles are then viewed as opportunities for greatness, not as reasons for despair.

Here are some ways this can be applied in any business:

Act ‘as-if’ you are already succeeding

Conduct yourself in a manner that exudes confidence. Arrive at the office composed, well rested and energized.

Focus on the positive

Don’t overlook problems, but don’t dwell on them. Be realistic, but try to frame things positively at all times.

Celebrate victories

Make sure the whole team knows of your wins, however small they are, and be sure to recognize the team’s contributions every time.

Show enthusiasm

In everything you do, show enthusiasm and don’t take things for granted.

Don’t give up

It takes determination to build momentum. Just keep pushing and it will come.

The task of building and sustaining momentum in your life and in your business depends on you. No one can do it for you. Unless you take the initiative, you will be forever a victim of circumstances. It isn’t always easy – nothing of any value ever is!

Push forward positively and create your own success.

Source: Entrepreneur, March 2015