The sales process begins before the call is made.


The highest paid salespeople review every detail of an account before every sales call. They study their

notes from previous calls. They read the literature and information they have gathered on the prospect.


And the prospects can sense it almost immediately.


Preparation for great success in selling consists of three parts: pre-call analysis, pre-call objectives, and

post-call analysis.


Pre-call analysis

Research and gather all the information you can about the prospect and the prospect’s company. Make

notes of key points. Find out about the company’s history, products, services, competitors and current activities.

Nothing undermines your credibility more rapidly than to ask something like, 'What do you do here?'


Pre-call objectives

Think through and plan your coming sales call in detail, in advance.


Ask yourself, ‘Who are you going to see? ‘What are you going to ask?’ and ‘What results do you hope to

achieve from this call?’ Write them down.


Prepare a list of questions, in order, that you are going to ask the prospect when you meet with him or her.

Customers love salespeople who are thoroughly prepared with a written outline or an agenda when they make a sales call.


Post-call analysis

Immediately after the call, take a few moments to write down every bit of information that you can recall

from the discussion. Don’t trust this to your memory, and don’t wait until the end of the day. Enter the

details immediately into your company’s CRM.


The rule is this: when in doubt, overprepare! You will never regret being too prepared for a sales call.

Often, your efforts in preparation will be the key to getting the sale.


Source: Be a Sales Superstar Brian Tracy