Success in life and in business is not simply based on your ability to change. It is based on your ability to change

faster than your competition and your customers.


Business leaders who wait to see how things will develop before they make a move, may be too late.


As much as things have changed already, there are more changes ahead.


Changes in customer behaviour and expectations are disrupting traditional businesses. Customers are

becoming more powerful as they use the increasing amount of information available to them to speed

and enhance decision making.


To lead in this new world will take hard work to overcome barriers such as organisational bureaucracy and

change-averse cultures. For most companies, obstacles today take the form of outdated technology, the

inability to free-up resources for digital investments and the lack of technical skills needed to survive and



It’s not just hard; it takes time. And how much time do we have? The need for speed is driven by the

emergence of disruptive new competitors as well as the changes in customer expectations.


Leaders must take a fresh look at their businesses and re-think what they are doing. Those that lead

change will survive disruption and write the rules for the future.


Source: Surviving Disruption, Leading Change, HBR 2015