Process improvement is not solely the domain of industrial engineers.


Everyone in the workforce must be given the opportunity to improve the process they work with.


Employees, therefore, have two jobs:


1. Their 'defined' job, and

2. To improve their 'defined' job.


Continuous process improvement (CPI) is a low-cost method of designing or improving work methods to

increase productivity. It is not concerned just with spending money on better or faster machines.


The aim is to make better use of existing resources.


'Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.' Peter F. Drucker.


Process mapping


The 'right things' are those that generate value in the eyes of the customer and generate the outcomes the

business needs.


To 'do things right' requires examining the whole process as it exists and the steps that clearly need



A visual 'process map' on a large piece of paper or whiteboard is an ideal way to assess what must be done

to make the best use of time and available resources.


Source: Introduction to Materials Management, Arnold, Chapman & Clive; Critical Business Skills: Operations, Thomas J. Goldsby