The potential that exists within us is largely untapped. Often, we create the limits to reaching our own potential.

We therefore have a huge capacity for improvement.

How do we tap into the unused potential?

The answer may be found in changing how we think and what we do.

To increase capacity, stop thinking more work and start thinking what works. More work will not necessarily increase our capacity.

Early in our careers we may work hard and keep it up for long hours. This is good, but are we just doing a lot of things instead of the right things?

We need to figure out what works. To do that we should ask ourselves the three following questions:

  • What am I required to do?
  • What gives the greatest return?
  • What give me the greatest reward?
  • These questions will help us to focus our attention on what we must do, what we ought to do and what we really want to do.


    Source: Jumpstart your growth, John C. Maxwell